Teeth Whitening in Pinehurst

Is teeth discoloration keeping you from falling in love with your smile? Then maybe teeth whitening is for you.

Teeth become discolored from years of drinking pigmented beverages like coffee, red wine, and tea. The tannins, pigments contained in these beverages, bond to tooth enamel leading to unwanted discoloration. Acidic foods and beverages like sports drink, hard alcohol, citrus fruits, and pickles also contribute to the erosion of enamel leading to tooth discoloration. While enamel naturally wears down as we get older, unfortunately that also leads to teeth appearing darker.

Before considering teeth whitening, you need to practice good oral hygiene and care. In addition, you will need to continue to avoid those things that can stain your teeth and cause discoloration, such as coffee and smoking. While a single visit with Dr. Streets’ method for teeth whitening will leave you with whiter and healthier looking teeth, long term results aren’t guaranteed if the habits that lead to discoloration are observed. Some people can go for up to 3 years without having their teeth whitened again. Others may require a touch-up here and there. Ultimately, it all depends on how well the patient takes care of their teeth after teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening in Pinehurst

While over-the-counter whitening strips have become extremely popular and can turn your teeth whiter, they only cover the front teeth meaning that not all your teeth are getting whitened. With professional in-office treatment, we will ensure all your teeth become noticeably whiter and sooner than the leading over-the-counter brands.

Why See the Dentist Before Whitening Your Teeth?

It is vital to get a dental exam prior to using teeth whitening products, even if you decide to stick to over-the-counter products. There are dental related problems and diseases that can affect the success of whitening, or may induce unbearable tooth and gum sensitivity. For example, if you have untreated cavities, the whitening product can penetrate through the tooth cavitation and into the soft tissues of the tooth, leading to pain.

Not everyone will benefit from teeth whitening. If your visible tooth discoloration is from an intrinsic stain or extremely eroded tooth enamel, teeth will not respond to whitening products. Dr. Streets will help guide you through the treatment that will actually be effective for your individual case.

What Whitening Process is Used at Smiles in the Pines?

Visiting Dr. Streets, you can be sure that she will protect your lips and gums so they’re not irritated by the bleaching agent. Second, the procedure used in her office – Opalescence Boost – produces better results more quickly with treatment taking only 45-60 minutes. Even people with sensitive teeth should be able to tolerate the process.

We will make sure to explain how the entire process works during your initial appointment, followed by removing tartar and surface stains. Using a color chart or digital photography, the color of your teeth is recorded so you can compare it to your final results.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is safe if done properly. All products used in bleaching teeth has met the Seal of Acceptance guidelines from the American Dental Association (ADA). This means that the product has been deemed safe to use and is effective in whitening teeth. All products at Smiles in the Pines meet this standard of dental bleaching products, having the ADA mandated maximum level of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Because teeth whitening products are not technically drugs, they are not monitored by the FDA. Whitening that is supervised by our dentist is very safe, as Dr. Streets ensures that damage to gum and tooth enamel is avoided.

Who Should Avoid Teeth Whitening?

Women who are pregnant, and children under the age of 16 should avoid teeth whitening. For our younger population, the nerves of the teeth are enlarged, and teeth whitening can lead to nerve irritation and extreme sensitivity. Women who are pregnant or lactating should also avoid this procedure as the bleach products may be harmful to the unborn child.

Make sure that you tell your dental provider about any allergies you might have. Teeth whitening is contraindicated for people with an allergy to peroxide.

People who have exposed roots or existing gum disease are also not good candidates for whitening. The whitening products can cause sensitivity and pain to exposed root surfaces. Not only could this be painful, but whitening root surfaces is ineffective.

If you have any questions regarding Teeth Whitening in Pinehurst, then please call our office at 910-240-2922.