Holistic and Functional Dentistry in Pinehurst


Holistic dentistry is like traditional dentistry, except it also addresses the Why. Conventional dentistry often misses pivotal influences on oral health that include eating habits, lifestyle habits, and how the whole body interacts. Holistic dentistry identifies root causes of imbalances, pain, and dysfunction.

At Smiles in the Pines, we provide functional and holistic dentistry that is a whole-body approach to dental wellness. Dr. Streets practices to focus on the root cause of any oral conditions that may impact an infant or child’s developmental milestones, or an adult’s airway and orofacial pain. By bridging medicine and dentistry, we tailor care on an individualized plan to promote whole-body wellness.

Our practice is dedicated to helping patients develop healthy lifestyle habits to help them experience life to the fullest and live with a radiant and healthy smile. We take pride in educating our patients and caregivers on the important relationship between oral health and function.

Functional dentistry looks beyond dental hygiene practices as the cause of oral health dysfunction. During your appointment, Dr. Streets addresses questions regarding your or your child’s diet, sleep pattern, chewing and swallowing behaviors, lifestyle habits and airway to better help diagnose and treat oral health condition.

In addition to comprehensive care, functional and holistic care approaches treatment through therapeutic means first, prior to surgical and pharmaceutical intervention. We see functional therapy and biocompatible treatments to be the most safe, healthy, and minimally invasive options. We utilize the newest x-ray equipment to produce Low Dose radiation imagery, metal-free restoration and fillings, laser dentistry, and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy for TMJ pain.

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