The Lowdown on Nano-Hydroxyapatite and How It’s Shaking up the Dental World

1. What’s the deal with nano-hydroxyapatite?Alright, folks, let’s talk about Nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) – the recent buzzword in the dental world that’s shaking things up! If you’re looking to strengthen teeth and step up your tooth remineralization game, this is the ingredient you need to know about. From remineralizing those pesky cavities to tackling tooth sensitivity, …

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The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

As the field of dentistry continues to evolve, more and more patients are seeking out alternative and holistic approaches to their oral health. One such approach that has gained popularity in recent years is ozone therapy. This innovative treatment method utilizes ozone gas to promote healing and combat infection in the mouth, offering a natural …

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Integrative Dentistry: A Fresh Perspective on Oral Health

Integrative dentistry emphasizes prevention and looks beyond just treating symptoms, aiming to address the root cause of dental issues. Overview of Integrative Dentistry Integrative dentistry is a rapidly growing trend in the field of oral health care, focusing on the connection between oral health and overall well-being. This approach combines traditional dental practices with holistic …

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dental cleaning

Dental Exam & Cleaning Near Me, Pinehurst NC

Why should you schedule your exam and cleaning today? Both the bi-annual exams and cleanings are expected for optimal oral health. Maintaining a strong base for oral health is important to prevent disease or decay. Keeping up with these appointments is vital in obtaining exceptional oral health.  A dental exam is a routine procedure. It …

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tooth infection treatment

Tooth Infection Treatment in Pinehurst NC

A tooth infection occurs when bacteria infects the inside of your tooth (pulp), resulting in a condition known as pulpitis. If not treated promptly, the infection may spread to surrounding areas of the tooth, causing pus to collect in the tooth or surrounding gum pockets. This is known as an abscess. Tooth infections can be …

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Welcome to Your Dentist in Pinehurst

Dentist in Pinehurst Our practice in Pinehurst ensures that your visit is as quick, safe, thorough and cost effective as possible. Our exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable staff caters to the needs of each individual patient. At Smiles in the Pines we recognize your unique needs and treatment priorities. It all starts by walking through the door …

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